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Merry Merry!

So, is anyone else ready to hang the white flag of surrender when it comes to holiday preparations? Well, I am.  Despite my best intentions to be super organized and on top of things this year, my plans went awry.  And then, Sunday was going to be my make up day, so to speak.  I was counting on a good rainy day to tackle a bunch of projects.  However, the day started with one of my Christmas trees falling over, and then the rainy day was a bit more than a soggy Sunday!  The flooding was unreal, and good ole Xfinity let me down again; I was without internet service for hours! Needless to say, the day was less productive than I had hoped, but at least my daughter and I were safe and sound and together, which is what the holidays are supposed to be about, right? However, I do apologize for the lack of decorations at this office this year!


While the holidays are a wonderful time of celebration and festivities, in the medical world, it also means the yearly end of deductibles and a desire for patients to fit in that extra doctor's appointment or procedure if deductibles have been met.  This translates to very busy schedules in an attempt to accommodate patients, and combined with flu season, RSV, Covid, the demands on medical providers and hospitals tend to be quite high at this time of the year.   The holidays are also a time to reflect on the prior year and start planning for the one ahead.  At the office, we have been doing just that, and in preparation for 2024, we are introducing another new laser!  Our new Gentle Max Pro Plus will be delivered any day, which is the newest and updated version of our prior laser, which was used for laser hair removal, facial rejuvenation, scars, and vascular concerns, like those irritating spider veins.  It can also treat nail fungus!  This laser is faster and has more power, so we are excited to be able to offer these treatments to our patients.  We are the only plastic surgery office with this device in the area, and dermatologists have ranked this device #1 for hair removal results!


I am not sure if any of you reading this have been following our "Twelve Days of Christmas" specials on social media.  Yesterday, we ran a laser hair removal special.  To show our excitement for our new device, we will be offering a slightly different special for the rest of the week for laser hair removal packages, with 20% off all packages.  And who doesn't need a little boost of energy at this time of the year?  A B12 injection is a great way to boost your immune system.  We are also offering 20% off of all B12 treatments.  


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years and can take the time to enjoy friends and family and avoid the holiday-associated stress.  Once the internet was fixed on Sunday, my daughter and I sat down and watched one of our holiday favorites, "Love Actually."  If you've never seen this, I do recommend it, and I'll leave you with a highlight!

Merry Merry!



'Til next time,

Heidi Williams




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