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Along with having her plastic surgery business, Dr. Williams is a big advocate for holistic health and wellness. She is committed to living a healthier lifestyle and feels strongly that improved health from within powerfully impacts beauty and the external you. On her social media pages she shares suggestions for healthy food and beverages, supplements, exercise tips, ways to avoid infection outbreaks, and much more.


Dr. Williams also recommends several items and programs to help you have a healthier lifestyle. They are available below conveniently through her wellness partners and her Amazon links.

She is excited to be a part of your journey to health from within to restore the natural you!



Jeanne is responsible for helping Dr. Williams put together her blogs and maintain her website, and her social media expertise has proven so helpful!  She is a jack of all trades, with many skills, and more recently has become an Arbonne rep. So if you have any interest in trying some of the Arbonne products Dr. Williams has mentioned for healthy living, she's your gal! 


Dr. WIlliams met Lauren through tennis, and most notably, she is the former assistant women's tennis coach at the University of Florida (and one of the most decorated players in Florida history during her own college career).  Lauren left her coaching life last January to pursue her own career in the health and wellness arena, serving as a functional medicine nutritionist and an exercise physiologist at Miraval Resorts in Austin, Texas. 


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