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Good morning!  Is everyone getting excited for Valentine's Day?  I have a confession...I decorated a pink Christmas tree for fun this year.  I was so busy after the holidays that I decided to leave the tree up with the mantra that I now had a Valentine's Day tree (I did take down all of the other decorations, btw)!  Unfortunately, I was SO sick of looking at it, it came down this weekend and it never made it 'til Valentine's!


This week is a busy one in Charleston.  The week started with a bang with the Super Bowl.  Today is Valentine's Day, and this weekend is the SEWE festival, which always has a great offering of events.  I am planning on attending several of them, and hope that my face is fully recovered by then!  Kelly and I started our spring cleaning, so to speak, by performing CO2 laser treatments on one another to freshen our facial skin and remove sun damage.  I also had several little precancerous spots I wanted to zap.  Notwithstanding any social obligations, this is a great time of the year to undergo laser treatments since we're outdoors less.  I took a picture of some of my brown spots treated with the laser (taken about 5 hours post-treatment) if anyone is curious about how their skin will look following the procedure. 

The new laser that I have mentioned recently is designed to treat unwanted hair, irritating leg and facial veins, acne, nail fungus (yuck!), and pigment problems as well, whereas the CO2 is used for fine lines, skin texture issues, and pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions.  We have seen some great results combining the CO2 treatments with Skinvive, the new Alle product.  We are loving the Skinvive, and speaking of Alle, my rep told me last week that additional changes and improvements to the program are coming, so we'll keep you posted!


Some of you may have known that I recently had a birthday.  With the passing of another year, and after watching my husband suffer from ALS, I have been giving more and more thought about general health and wellness.  I have mentioned some health and wellness topics previously in blog posts, and during Covid, I tried to keep readers posted on the latest information.  While I refuse to call this a "New Year's resolution," I am more and more committed to living a healthier lifestyle, and I feel strongly that improved health from within strongly impacts beauty and the external you!  So I am excited to announce that I am creating new Facebook and Instagram pages under the title "Dr. Williams Wellness."  The pages will be a place where I'll include updates on current health concerns such as infection outbreaks (and how to avoid them), suggestions for healthy foods and beverages, supplements, exercise tips, etc.  For starters, I am proud to say that I have officially conquered my diet coke addiction, but I have to admit that I did so with the help of Arbonne's energy fizz powder sticks.  While searching the Arbonne site for some other healthy living options, I came upon the following quote, which sums up my thoughts perfectly.


“So much of the body’s overall well-being is controlled by the gut so supporting this area of our body will optimize how we feel as well as how we look. There’s also an impact on the skin’s look and glow because it’s all connected. The skin is the body’s largest organ so any great skin regime has to include nourishment from the inside out.”


The existing plastic surgery pages will be dedicated to plastic surgery topics.  So if you don't follow us on social media, this is a great time to start, since we'll be posting links to these new pages!


As you start your day, I thought I'd brighten it and show some Valentine's Love with some great specials.  For today only, we are offering our discounted gift cards and $10 Botox (a max of 40 units can be banked).  Feel free to buy both, but the 2 offers cannot be combined.  Also, in honor of healthy long living, Cupid's Day, and in keeping with the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce Super Bowl frenzy, I leave you with Taylor's hit, "Long Live."  

'Til next time,

Heidi Williams


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