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I Saw Taylor Swift!

Greetings. I hope everyone had a great July 4th! I have to admit, it felt somewhat strange having July 4th on a Tuesday. It really made last week seem disjointed. I have a feeling that many people enjoyed the entire week off for a vacation, and if so, I hope it was wonderful!

As many of you know and have noticed, I like to add a music video to each of my blogs. I love music, all genres, and this summer I have dubbed my "concert series season." I attended the Dave Matthews concert in June and will see Don Felder (of the Eagles) in August. But on Friday, my daughter and I had the time of our lives at the Taylor Swift concert in Kansas City. It was truly unbelievable, from the people watching, the special effects, Taylor's wardrobe changes, and the 4 hours of performance! Many celebrities were in attendance, and she released her new music video during the concert, with the actors of the video in attendance on stage! It was more than a crowd-pleaser! It was epic! Instead of the typical music video, I have attached a clip of Taylor playing one of her new songs!

Speaking of epic...yesterday I was watching the Wimbledon tennis coverage. There were so many great matches and some epic shots. Watching made me want to get out and play myself, until I considered the heat and the fact that I am a horrible tennis player, lol! The summer heat is definitely upon us, and as a friendly reminder, I can't emphasize how important it is to stay hydrated and prevent heat exhaustion. Of course, sunscreen is also important! Living in a waterfront city, watersports are popular activities. Supposedly there is a deadly Tiktok/social media trend with people jumping off behind their boats into the wake. DON'T DO THIS! Let me emphasize, this is a deadly trend, as people have died attempting to achieve their 5 minutes of social media stardom. Another social media trend has been waxing the entire face. This is another bad idea unless you want to incur serious burns to the face. If you want to exfoliate, please call our office and or see another professional!

As the summer marches on, we will continue to keep you updated and announce promotions both through the blog but also on social media, so please follow us! We just started a series on IG about my favorite surgery or "pearls of wisdom" for the week! We hope you like it! And in honor of Amazon Prime Day, we have a few specials of our own!

Enjoy the week, stay cool, and 'til next time,

Heidi Williams



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