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Happy Valentine's Day!

(FYI this is a repost) Greetings! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start. And it's Valentine's Day! Unfortunately, my week started off with the loss of my Eagles to the Kansas City Chiefs. At least the game was entertaining! Speaking of entertainment, I know a lot of you find Instagram to be entertaining. On a more serious note, I have also seen many inspirational quotes on my feed, and many of them are from athletes. Sports is such a wonderful microcosm of life, with its trials and tribulations. Just like in life, sports can be so unfair (like the holding call made against the Eagles at the end of the game). I have attached some notable videos I have seen recently. But the comment by Jalen Hurts' (the QB for the Eagles) after the Super Bowl game that "you either win or learn" resonated with me; it is such a great reminder to all of us about the need to keep moving forward and improving. A common theme that I have seen with Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Jalen Hurts is that they were all cut from teams, kept out of the lineup, or told they wouldn't make it, but they never allowed the naysayers to hold them back from achieving greatness!

I have also been getting a kick out of some comedy clips that have been coming up on my Instagram feed. I have to admit, I'm pretty clueless about how IG really works, but nonetheless, it has been the source of great laughter lately...especially some of the old Seinfeld clips! I am not sure if any of you saw the old "Golden Girls" scene that we posted last week. I thought it was very apropos for a plastic surgeon's IG page! If any of your friends have commented on your sagging skin issues, you may want to consider some new friends, lol!

Alternatively, we are happy to discuss the various rejuvenating procedures we are offering. Whether it's sports or running a business, the "you either win or learn" saying holds true. I have definitely learned a lot over the years. But at this point of my career, I feel very positive about the complement of devices and treatments we can now offer, from radiofrequency skin treatments, micro-needling, chemical peels and skin care products, laser treatments, including the new CO2 laser, Coolsculpt, and of course, surgery. While there have been gimmicks and fads that have come and gone, I have tried to stick with things that are more "tried and true." And I am so grateful for the team of wonderful women I have with me in the office these days. I hope you agree!

Before I sound off for the week, I want to leave you with a classic hit from Alanis Morisette. I apologize if I have used this song before, but I thought it was perfect for the blog and for Valentine's Day.

While relationships and life don't always turn out the way you expect or hope, you need to keep learning and taking chances, without allowing disappointments or negativity to stand in the way of your own greatness and happiness.

Have a great day!

'Til next time,

Heidi Williams



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