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Grab Those Tacos it's Tuesday

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

(FYI this is a repost) Greetings! This week I'm actually going to start this blog with my theme song of the day, not end with it. The song is "Marching On," by One Republic. The song pretty much describes recent events! I continue to receive cards and messages from well-wishers after my husband's passing, and am so grateful. My daughter and I are "marching on." For anyone who is interested in learning more about my husband, a friend posted a beautiful blog post yesterday that is a beautiful tribute. And with regards to the office, my staff and I persevered through the construction chaos last week and have marched through the madness (and it's not even March, lol). This week we're thrilled to be back to seeing patients on a more regular schedule. We are still navigating between the contractors, but they are now pretty much working on their "punch list" and we are getting more settled. We look forward to seeing you in our new and improved space!

The move is part of a bigger game plan for new beginnings, growth, and improvements. We are excited to announce some new service offerings. Kelly, our Nurse Practitioner, and Kat, our RN, and I will be adding iv therapies to our menu of treatments. I believe in a prior blog I touted the benefits of B12 injections, which we have been offering for a while. B12, believe it or not, was one of the few therapies that Mass General could even offer to my husband for treatment of his ALS, in addition to supplements such as Turmeric. Since that time, I began to study the benefits of these supplements and vitamins. We are offering iv hydration therapies with various mixtures of vitamins and medications to promote health and beauty, both internally and externally. With regards to the external beauty offerings, we are adding to our line of peels, and have a new one that I like to think of as the melasma miracle peel for those suffering from hyperpigmentation problems and melasma. Unlike laser treatments, which often have to be curtailed during the summer due to sun exposure, the peels can still be performed.

As we grow, we are also adding more to team members to our staff. While Kelly and Angela are our most recent additions, we are currently looking for a medical assistant to also join the team. We are looking for someone who is friendly and energetic and able to balance front office duties as well as medical assisting tasks. The job requirements also include someone with insurance billing knowledge, computer proficiency, and the ability to multi-task. If you or someone you know has an interest, please have resumes emailed to the office.

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

'Til next time.

Heidi Williams



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