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A New York State of Mind

Greetings. I hope everyone's week is going well. On Monday, the country remembered the events of 9/11/2001. I think many of us still remember that day vividly...I know I do. I was working at a major New Jersey trauma center, which went on high alert, preparing to receive victims of the horror. Sadly, we received none, as so many people perished. As my daughter just started her sophomore year in college, it's somewhat remarkable that most of her college friends were not even alive at that time. Other than children who may have lost parents or other relatives in the tragedy, this generation cannot really relate to that fateful day. As another example of how much time has passed, this year was the first that the sitting American President did not visit New York on 9/11; instead, President Biden attended a ceremony at a military base in Alaska on his way home from Vietnam.

I have to say, I am always on edge every 9/11, hoping that we remain safe; the attacks on Benghazi also happened on 9/11. Maybe I am on edge because of my memories of that day and the days and months that followed. Maybe it's because I continue to see the effects on people from the toxins released into the air that day. 9/11 victims have suffered from cancers, as well as neurologic conditions. There is also a spike in ALS prevalence in 9/11 survivors, a condition that hit close to home for me. Certainly, the country has dealt with additional tragedies since 9/11: we have weathered terrible hurricanes (no pun intended) and other natural disasters, the crash of 2008, and the COVID pandemic. I just hope we never forget 9/11.

On a less somber note, New York was the venue for the tennis US Open the last 2 weeks. Some amazing matches were played, and it was great to see a strong American showing this year, both in the men's and women's divisions. The men had an American semifinalist with Ben Shelton, and Coco Gauff achieved her first major win! Congrats and hope there's more of this success to come!!!

The US Open signals the end of the “slam series” for professional tennis, and for me, marks the end of the summer. With the fall comes football, changing weather, and pumpkin-flavored foods! The fall is also a great time to undo the damage from the summer sun, whether through skin care, chemical peels, or laser treatments. Since laser treatments also require some “downtime,” the fall is also a great time to get your skin looking great for your upcoming holiday parties. So for all of you who may be glum over the start of the football season for both the Gamecocks and the Tigers, we have a little special on laser treatments to brighten your mood. Also, tag us on Instagram and enroll in a raffle for free Botox!

I hope you have a great day!

‘Til next time,

Heidi Williams

PS…despite my reference to a classic Billy Joel song in the title for this week’s blog, my song of the day is an Eagles classic, which I heard playing while watching the news coverage on 9-11-2001.



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