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The following is information regarding lower body lift surgery which is important to review, understand and discuss with family and friends.

Goals: The purpose of a lower body lift is to improve the contour and tone of the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks. This technique combines the standard abdominoplasty with an inner thigh lift, outer thigh suctioning, and surgical tightening of the hips and buttock area. In any given patient, these goals may only be partially met.

Limitations: The primary indication for this procedure is severe skin laxity in the areas affected. When skin tone has been decreased secondary to weight loss, the aging process, or other factors, it is impossible to restore. Therefore, the initial results of surgery will relapse to a certain extent in every patient. Skin irregularities, severe cellulite, and alterations in skin texture will not be improved by this procedure. Often it is not possible to totally correct the skin laxity due to potential problems with wound healing.

If there is any item that you do not understand, please call the office. An explanation or additional information will be provided.


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