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Wait, What? Did Dr. Williams say, "Good News"???

Good morning. I am writing with what I think may be some good news

While the daily Covid tests being reported remain high (and in fact, Sunday reported an all time high number of positive tests), the census of Covid cases at Roper and East Cooper appear to have declined since this time last week. 

So, the high number of cases hasn't translated into many more admissions, evidenced by the fact that elective surgeries have resumed within the Roper system after a brief halt.  The halt on surgery was originally planned to last at least 2 weeks, but the order was rescinded after one week! 

Also, if you take the time to pull up the SC DHEC website, you will see that the graph depicting the day of onset of symptoms demonstrates a downward trend. 

So, let's keep wearing our masks (we can argue the effectiveness of doing so later), so we can keep moving forward and hopefully see schools reopen.  Also, with the numbers being as high as they are right now, I remain hopeful that there will not be a second wave. 

We will need to remember to get our flu vaccines.  In fact, when looking at my own personal paperwork from Roper Employee Health I saw that the flu shot I received in December expired in June.  And it's funny, with all of this testing going on, I don't hear that anyone is being tested for the flu or other infections! 


I hope everyone is staying cool during this heat wave. And if you're looking for a way to cool down, consider Coolsculpt. 

Feel free to give Leah a call since there are some good specials on Coolsculpt right now!

Yours in good health,

Dr. Heidi Williams MD

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