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Veteran's Day 2019

Happy Monday and Happy Veterans Day!

I would like to thank all of those who have served and those currently serving in our armed forces.  Thank you for all you do and for all of your sacrifices to preserve freedom and keep us safe. 

When it first occurred to me to post something for Veterans Day, I embarrassingly thought I had nothing to add.  Since I have never served, I thought that anything I had to say would seem trite. 

However, my mind wandered to the fact that Veterans Day is 2 months to the day following the anniversary of 911.  911 still haunts me since I was living in the northeast when the tragedies on that day happened.  I was working in a hospital that was placed on trauma alert for victims, yet sadly, no patients arrived to be treated. That day affected so many of us and prompted so many to enlist. 

Just last week, at one of my daughter's tennis tourneys, I learned that the uncle of one of the other players (my daughter's doubles partner!) was killed in the first plane, and is memorialized on campus at UNC. 

I remember an Airforce crew member that I helped care for in New Jersey. 

He was working on his old Saab car on his day off when the transmission fell on his face. 

Thankfully, he was healed from his reconstructive surgery by 911, since he was on the first fighter jet set up in the skies after the first attack.  Stories like these help me remember how special the members of the armed forces are, and how small the world really is.  Thank you Veterans for all you have done and for your sacrifices to preserve freedom and keep us safe.  To honor our military, we will be selling gift cards worth $100 for only $75.00 for today and tomorrow.  Will will also make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project.

On a totally different, and a much more superficial note, did you know that 11-11 is the busiest online shopping day in the world?  Supposedly it's also called "Singles Day," and is much bigger than "Cyber Monday." 

So for all of you singles out there, get shopping!

Have a Great Week!

Dr. Heidi Williams

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