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The Very Thankful Blog - Thanksgiving Day Edition

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the holiday, and I hope you are able to share it (safely), with family and friends. I thought I'd share a few things I am grateful for, and at the same time, give some follow up to last week's blog...

My Grateful List:

1) My family and friends

2) My medical practice, staff, and patients

3) The fact that I live in the state of SC

4) The recent announcement yesterday that the CDC is considering shortening the quarantine times to 7-14 days.

This should help alleviate the strains caused by Covid, while at the same time illustrating how schizophrenic and nonsensical some of these Covid guidelines have been.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in California strip clubs are open, but there are restrictions on religious gatherings? In Oregon, you cannot celebrate Thanksgiving, but while you're home alone, you can legally enjoy heroin. Seriously.

And so here comes my follow up to last week's blog.

We have had more exciting vaccine announcements for the treatment of Covid. SC has seen continued high daily Covid cases being reported, but hospitalization rates have not risen either in the low country or state-wide.

Roper's census, ICU, and ventilator usage, as reported on Tuesday, remains stable despite the high case numbers reported over the last 4 weeks.

Possibly the high case numbers are related to healthy-feeling patients simply getting tests prior to travelling to see family for Thanksgiving. Maybe the virus is truly weakening. Fortunately, SC is one of the few states in the nation without new lockdown policies, which I think is good since our health care system is adequately handing the Covid cases.

For laughs, I have attached a very funny little video...

And now a little follow up on the effect of big tech and social media on the Covid narrative and how we're being manipulated.

Last week I mentioned that Iowa had a red alert status for Influenza, while neighboring Illinois had a "Covid" surge. Interestingly, Iowa now only has a minimal influenza case load. What happened?

Certainly, flu cannot disappear in one week. Was the red alert status last week "fake news?" Or does the uptick in flu negatively affect the Covid surge narrative? And did you know that Europe, which before the election was reporting huge Covid surges, is now reporting marked declines in its Covid cases?

I am really curious as to how Biden is going to address Covid. Is he going to invest in a whole new round of vaccines since the ones currently being released have been so vilified? Not likely.

And already we're seeing flip flopping on national lockdown guidelines, which is good because they would be a disaster. More studies are coming out questioning masks (though to be clear, please wear the darn masks for now)!

So who knows if Biden will even enact a national mandatory mask policy. I guess we'll know soon enough!

But for now, enjoy your Turkey, our beautiful SC weather and natural beauty! Go ahead and toast how lucky we are, especially since we can still buy alcohol this evening, as opposed to the state of Pennsylvania (but of course, drink responsibly)!

And if you have time, please watch the Netflix special called "Social Dilemma." It will make you think!!! And once you're finished watching, put your computers and phones down, ignore the fake news and the thought control created by the media and big tech. Instead, truly engage in and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Life can be short, so be safe, but try to enjoy every minute, and don't let the fear mongering, hate, and vitriol of special interests ruin what is traditionally one of the most special days of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving and for a laugh, check out this link...

'Til next week!

Dr. Heidi Williams MD

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