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The Sad Story of Linda Evangelista - My Opinion on Coolsculpt

Happy Thursday! Is everyone getting ready for Halloween? We have some specials running for the spooky holiday, so I wanted to send out a quick blog about a topic that has been in the news lately.

We are running a Coolsculpt special (see below), so I thought it was a appropriate time to address the Linda Evangelista lawsuit. Ms. Evangelista is suing Allergan/Zeltiq, the manufacturers of Coolsculpt, claiming it caused a condition called PAH (paradoxical adipose hyperplasia).

The risk of the rare complication for PAH has been known for years, and is included in the consents for Coolsculpt. However, to reiterate, the complication is rare, and while no one wants a complication to occur, Allergan reimburses the patient for any corrective surgery, which would involve liposuction, if it were to happen. I have never seen the complication, nor has Leah, who has worked not just for me, but Plastic Surgeons/Coolsculpt providers in other states.

The lawsuit, of course, led me to go internet searching, and I came across some "then" and "now" photos of Ms. Evangelista. The changes are dramatic, and do not appear to be related to Cooslculpt.

It appears she has had facial plastic surgery and looks quite different, and also appears to have gained weight. PAH is not globalized weight gain, but localized deposits of fat cell growth and hardness.

I think her lawsuit is significant more for highlighting not this rare side effect of the treatment, but the fact that society places such a premium and emphasis on youth and beauty, which has only been magnified with social media.

Ms. Evangelista was one of the most highly paid supermodels in the 90's, and quipped at one time that she "wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day." The modeling industry is not known for being gentle and kind, and has promoted unhealthy body images for generations.

Remember Twiggy? I wonder what the toll of this cruel and harsh industry and its superficial mindset has taken on Ms. Evangelista over the years? And who knows what her financial situation is these days, and whether finances are driving her lawsuit since Zeltiq/Allergan monopolize the pharma industry.

The take home message is that I believe Coolsculpt to be a safe procedure, though every procedure, both invasive and non-invasive, has risks.

Additionally, is it important to have the procedure that has well trained personnel on the procedure and has technology that is supported by the manufacturer, and not some substitute device, or one purchased on the second hand market, like ebay (it is my understanding that the company does not support such devices).

Feel free to call us with any questions regarding Coolsculpt or any other plastic surgery procedure. And as another "trick or treat," we are offering discounted gift cards for today and tomorrow." Happy Halloween!

Halloween Special: BOGO @coolsculpting cycles! Buy 1 cycle, get 1 cycle at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Offer valid through Nov 15th. Alle awards applied in addition to discount. Rewards earned on only cycles purchased. Cannot be redeemed with gift card balance. Call 843-375-0270 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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