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Serving Up Aces - Tue's Blog with Dr. Williams

Happy belated 4th of July!

I hope it was a great holiday weekend for all. The weather was wonderful, and who doesn't like a long weekend! I started my Independence Day reading a very special book called: All the Colors Came Out by Kate Fagan.

I ended my day watching the skin Illuminate with colorful fireworks. The book I am referring to was written by a woman who resides now in Charleston, and is a story about her relationship with her father and his battle with ALS. The story hits home on several levels for me. Kate and her father shared a special bond over basketball, as both father and daughter played professionally.

I have a similar bond with my father with the game of my golf, and my daughter has one with my husband over tennis. Additionally, my husband also is suffering from ALS, as many of you know. ALS is a brutal disease that leaves you a prisoner within your failing body. It is a torturous disease both for the patient and the loved ones who have to watch the cruelty.

As I ruminated about the book that I was reading on the 4th of July, my mind drifted towards the ironies of life. Here we are celebrating freedom at a time that ALS is holding my family captive. But today's blog is not just about me, but about all Americans who are still being held captive by Covid.

Just when we thought the end was near with Covid, cities like LA have recently reinstituted mask mandates. Really? The reasons given center on concerns over the Delta variant, though there doesn't seem to be strong data that the Delta variant is any more dangerous than other strains, or that the vaccine is not effective against it.

Could the hype over the Delta strain be a scare tactic to convince more American to get vaccinated, as vaccination targets have not been met? It wouldn't surprise me as the entire Covid pandemic narrative has been so politicized.

We celebrated freedom this weekend but sometimes I feel as though we are being held hostage by politicians.

Another highlight of the holiday weekend for me every year is Wimbledon. This year did not disappoint. There were so many great matches to watch. I have to hand it to these players, dealing with the Covid challenges and pushing themselves through adversity to be the best they can be.

I find their grit inspiring! So as I set out to tackle the week, I hope to capture a little of the fighting Wimbledon spirit! We're back in full gear today, as Leah is also back from her summer travels, ready to resume her Coolsculpting and laser treatments.

We also have a new addition to assist with the front office, and her name is Madelina, who also happens to be a member of Charleston Southern University's Tennis Team. Game, set, match!

Have a great week!

Dr. Heidi Williams

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