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Question...Does it matter where I go to get my Coolsculpt treatment?

With the extensive advertising being done for the Coolsculpt procedure, it seems like everyone has heard about it.  Additionally, it seems like there's an office on every corner offering the treatment.  I, myself, am proud to offer Coolsculpt, as I believe in the technology and its effectiveness.  I have had the treatment performed on myself, which convinced me to purchase the equipment. 

That being said, Coolsculpt may not be for every patient.  Coolsculpt does work to improve one's contour by freezing the fat, but it is not a weight loss procedure.  The goal with each treatment application is a 20%-25% reduction in fat for the area treated.  During a session, multiple applicators may be used to address the various areas of concern for the patient, and 2-3 treatment sessions/office visits may be indicated to achieve a patient's goal.  The treatment is ideal for a patient who desires to avoid surgery and anesthesia, as well as post-op garments.  It is a considered a "no-downtime" procedure.  On the oter hand, a patient may desire a more dramatic change than the 20%-25% reduction in fat with each treatment, and may not desire to undergo a series of Coolculpt sessions. 

Additionally, given someone's body contour and habitus, as well as skin concerns,  they may be more ideal candidate for liposuction or another body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck.  So wouldn't it make sense to have your Coolsculpt evaluation at an office that can offer all of the above, by  a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?  During any consultation, a patient is assessed  and the best treatment options are reviewed for each individual, whether it is surgery or Coolsculpt. 

I am so pleased to have Leah Swift assisting me with the Coolsculpt procedure.  She has performed the Coolsculpt procedure for many years, both in Charleston as well as Colorado, where she also worked for a plastic surgeon, has completed advanced training; she is probably the most experienced aesthetician in Charleston on the Coolsculpt machine.  We would love for you to come meet Leah and myself and learn more about all of our treatment offerings!

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