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Moving in the Right Direction on National Pizza Day - Tuesday's Blog by Doc Williams

Good morning!

I hope everyone's week has gotten off to a great start. I feel a sense of normalcy resuming, or maybe it's my imagination! But we had the Super Bowl over the weekend, The Australian Open (tennis) started yesterday, and school schedules are getting back on track.

I am concerned about our school aged children as I am hearing reports of teen depression, anxiety and suicide attempts. I truly hope we can quickly curb this trend! While the vaccine rollouts have had their hiccups, people ARE getting vaccinated, the actual numbers of Covid cases and deaths are declining, and the hospitals are handling the caseload! All good signs!

In the spirit of normal, I wanted to highlight some trends that I am seeing.

Botox and fillers are as popular as ever, but fat grafts to the face in lieu of filler is a great option for increasing facial volume. Additionally, "mini" facelift procedures and variations of thread lifts are also hot topics.

Attention to skin issues is also a great idea while the weather is cold and dreary, as opposed to warm and sunny. Skin treatments to correct that old sun damage not only has cosmetic benefits, but is medically important, too. This time of year is also when we see people working on getting back in shape. But if you're needing a little help recontouring your physique, Coolsculpting and Vaser liposuction may help.

We have received many calls about specials. In celebration of Valentines day, which is Sunday, and Presidents Day, we will be offering our classic gift card special thru Friday. The gift cards cannot be used for surgical procedures or be combines with other specials, other than Allergan Alle Credits.

Have a great week!

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