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March Madness moves FORWARD!


Just a quick Covid update...The numbers continue to fall, hospital utilization numbers are trending downwards, and deaths from Covid-19 are declining. Nearly 20% of South Carolinians have been vaccinated. Yesterday, vaccinations began for younger individuals with coexisting medical conditions, such as diabetes and asthma, and for teachers and other front-line personnel.

In response to these trends, and likely due to political forces as well, McMaster lifted the state's mask mandate on Friday, and is deferring mask requirements to the local jurisdictions. The City of Charleston continues to enforce its mask ordinance, so if you plan to dine at a restaurant downtown, take your mask!

Yesterday, the CDC updated guidelines regarding masks as well. Finally! Weeks ago I wrote about the lack of data supporting the need to wear masks after vaccination. The CDC's update allows individuals who have been vaccinated to socialize with one another and for vaccinated individuals to interact with low risk individuals, such as children. While it would have been nice if the CDC had gone even further, at least it's a step in right direction towards normalcy.

What I mean is that I personally feel that we're close to herd immunity, if we haven't achieved it, with the vaccinations and the numbers of individuals in SC who were infected with Covid. But beggars can't be choosey! At least we're moving forward!

So shifting gears...March is is Women's History Month. Since I began practicing, I have attempted to support fellow female entrepreneurs. I am hoping to sponsor an event or open house honoring women at my office in the upcoming months, showcasing the talents of local women. I am also participating in an upcoming event at the I'On Chapel on April 24th. I have attached the flyer for the event, which should be lots of fun! And here's a little fast fact for the day. Most of you know about my love of tennis. Supposedly, Mary Ewing Outerbridge was born on March 9, 1852, and she has been crediting with bringing lawn tennis to the US from Bermuda.

March is also the month of March Madness. We are doing something new this year, and are still working out the logistics. We are having our own March Madness pool, with the winner receiving a great goodie from the office! So keep posted, since the brackets will be released in 5 days!

We hope you have great day and rest of the week! Til next time.

Heidi Williams

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