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Love is the Answer

Good morning.

Last night, as I was watching TV with my husband, I reflected on how surreal these times are.  While watching the news, I noticed that there were flood warnings throughout the low country,  On any given summer day, those warnings and the recent named tropical storm that landed in Charleston last week would have been the headlines.  But not this week.  After months of writing about Covid, it appears that the pandemic has quickly taken a back seat to the recent events that started with George Floyd's death in Minnesota.  These events have left me speechless, so I am going to instead share a post from a friend, who ironically also has a husband battling ALS.  Yesterday marked the end of ALS awareness month, but with all that's happened, I don't think that there was much added awareness of ALS. 

Here’s the Facebook post:

Love. Empathy. Humanity. Equality. Kindness. Courage. Respect. Faith. Hope. Patience. Compassion. Openness. Acceptance. Resilience. Self-control. Selflessness. Intelligence. Integrity. Truthfulness. Awareness. Peace. Justice.  

Things we need more of today.

And here’s a picture I took yesterday and one that my social media helper, Paul, edited for us...

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