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Lean, Mean & Quarantined! At Home Exercises to do When the Gym is Closed

My name is Paul Pisani and I have the pleasure to work with Dr. Heidi Williams and the Mt. Pleasant staff.

For the past 30 years, I have helped athletes and clients get fitter and healthier. One of the goals of Dr. Williams' business is to provide services and products that help you look and feel good.

So in today's blog I am going to give you my thoughts on keeping your training in the (gym or at home), simple and effective. I'd like to share with you my Top 5 Swiss Ball or Stability Exercises to build strength and burn fat, as well as my take on Cardio training and why training in "Zone 2" is a great training technique for everyone!

My training philosophy is simple: Build Muscle Mass to gain strength & Build an Aerobic Engine to raise your metabolic rate ( how many calories you burn at rest).

Let's get right into it! Disclaimer: As with any fitness program, please consult with your physician before you start exercising and training.

Featured in these pictures is Jeff Salzenstein (Ex Tennis Professional & NCAA Champion for Stanford. and also, the old guy is me, Pauly P.

Top 5 Swiss Ball Exercises

1, The Swiss Ball Dumbbell Chest Press - Building up your "pushing" muscles is always useful! Think about closing your car door, or pantry when doing this one. By keeping your head and neck on the ball comfortably, you can transform the Swiss Ball into a portable bench press! Also, by doing this exercise on the ball, you really engage your whole body, including your core.

2. The Swiss Ball Dumbbell Row - Building up your "pulling" muscles is, as you guessed it, very useful as well. Easily pull open your core door, or gain easier access to starting up that lawnmower of yours!

3. The Swiss Ball Core Rotation - We are always turning this way and that way! Strengthening your entire core, including your obliques, will help keep your body nice and stable, and you may even stand up taller!

4. The Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl - Time to work on what the experts call "the posterier chain"! Squeeze your core and activate those glutes! It's time to crush those hammies!

5. The Swiss Ball Squat - Each and every day we have to get low to pick up objects or lift heavy items. We also like to fit into our favorite pants nicely. This exercise works the glutes, quads, and hamstrings like a boss! In this picture, I have Jeff hugging a 12 pound medicine ball.

CARDIO - The Magic of Zone 2

Endurance athletes train in this Zone 70% of the time! That is why you build a great aerobic base and are in the "Fat & Carbo Burning Zone". You should feel like you are working, but at the same time can talk with your training partner. So get your favorite Playlist out and enjoy the ride! I recommend 30 to 60 mins daily. I am right around 200 pounds so I do this on the bike, but maybe walking briskly or jogging could be your cup of tea.

Heart rate monitors are pretty inexpensive and they give you data to show you what heart rate zone you are training in .

We are in the position of uncharted waters at the moment and we will have to keep moving and make certain sacrifices like not having our favorite gym or fitness facility available to us. I hope these tips will help you in the days to come.

Stay Safe, and Stay Fit!

Pauly P

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