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It's not "just another manic Monday," It's CYBER Monday!

Good morning! I hope it was a wonderful Thanksgiving for all!

Unfortunately, it's back to the grind today. I have two theme songs for today. The first is an old classic, "Manic Monday," by the Bangles

Because it is one of those days that "I wish my bed was already made," I will have to keep things short.

I do, however, want to wish a Happy Hanukkah to all of those celebrating. In honor of Hanukah and in the spirit of Cyber Monday, we are doing our one day flash sale for gift cards.

It's my little attempt to offset the ever rising costs of things these days, but unfortunately the flash sale ends at the end of business today, and I am unsure if and what other specials may run before Xmas.

My other theme song is "Circles," by Post Malone

I am not sure how many of you noticed that the stock market took a massive hit on Friday, which occurred due to fears over the latest Covid variant to be identified. It is called the Omicron variant, and sounds like something out of Star Wars, to me, but really stands for the letter, "o," in Greek.

This variant was identified by South Africa, and immediately travel restrictions were placed on certain African nations by European countries, followed by the US.

The news this am is reporting that other countries are placing new or renewed travel restrictions as well. I feel as though we are like gerbils on a spinning wheel, going in circles with Covid.

While these restrictions are being placed, evidence is showing that the cat is already out of the bag, as Omicron cases are popping up worldwide. It is too early to tell what the lethality of this variant looks like or the effectiveness of the vaccines. It does appear to be quite contagious, like Delta, and appeared to spread amongst students in South Africa, a population with a very low vaccination rate.

I will be watching closely, and will keep you updated. I will also try to learn more about the Covid crisis currently being experienced in Dearborn, Michigan, where federal assistance has been called in to help.

Makes me wonder if the surge in this Michigan city is from Delta or Omicron? Hmmm.

Until next time! Have a great week and Happy Hanukkah!

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