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Happy Easter and Time to Tee it UP!

Happy Easter week!  And it looks like it will be a beautiful one...perfect weather to sneak out for a round of golf or a game of tennis!  

Not only does the spring bring great golf and tennis weather, but it also begins an exciting season in the Low Country with the Volvo Cup and the Heritage Golf Tournament in Hilton Head, which was last weekend.  This year Charleston will also be hosting the Women's US Open for women's golf at the end of May.  Charleston is really stepping up its game for women's sports, no pun intended, by hosting this event, which is one of the biggest events in women's golf, and will bring players from all over the world to compete for the prestigious title.  A few years ago, Charleston hosted the Women's US Amateur golf championship.  The competitors showed immense talent, but the US Open brings with it an even higher level of skill.  It stands to be an exciting week!  And Charleston knows how to host a tournament, as it has hosted the Ryder Cup and more recently, the PGA Championship for men's golf!

Some of you may be aware that I grew up playing competitive golf.  My summers were spent practicing and playing in tournaments, which lead to a collegiate golf career at Dartmouth.  Golf afforded me many opportunities, and through golf I gained many special friendships.  While there were times in college that the juggling act between academics and sports was incredibly difficult, I always thought that my commitment to the team actually made me a better student.  I was lucky enough to be an All American and a two time captain, and will always cherish those memories.  I will also cherish the memories when I dusted off my clubs and tried to qualify for the US Amateur when it was being hosted in Charleston.  Needless to say I fell short, but I had wonderful time trying!

Since college, I have played little competitive golf, other than my brief stint to qualify for the US Amateur, as golf has taken a back seat to medical school, my practice, my family, and now my daughter's tennis endeavors!  One of these days, I may make it back to competition, but in the meantime, I just enjoy getting out and playing with friends, and watching the pros play at the Heritage and this year at the US Open.  And if I've inspired you to play some golf or tennis this weekend, don't forget you sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses

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