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Fourth of July Weekend!

As we head towards the holiday weekend, I wanted to provide a follow up to Tuesday's email.  The total number of confirmed cases/positive tests statewide has topped 50,000 and 4000 for the County of Charleston.  DHEC actually states that the actual estimated cases for Charleston County is actually closer to 30,000 since DHEC suspects that for every confirmed case there are at least 9 more actual cases.  For reference, the population of Charleston County is approximately 400,000 and 130,000 for the city of Charleston. 

Many of the positive cases in Charleston County are centered close to the city.  It is also worth noting that this is bases on testing performed since March, though many suspect that the virus has been in Charleston much longer.  DHEC actually revised its hospital utilization numbers downward for Sunday for the lowcountry, reporting a 48% utilization, the lowest its been in a long time.  So you're probably wondering what to make of these numbers, new guidelines that masks must be worn in public, and reports that hospitals are filling up.  It is true that the number of cases in the Roper system has risen dramatically this week. 

The admissions are indeed placing a strain on the system but most importantly because of a nursing shortage, more than a lack of actual beds; the system is working on addressing these nursing issues.  The actual utilization of beds in the lowcountry remains at 73 % as of yesterday's reporting.  But as I said Tuesday, we have to assume the virus is everywhere.  I wonder if the mask recommendation is too little too late, as there has been virtually no social distancing for the last month. 

I am left to think that herd immunity is closer to what's going on right now.  But in an effort to stay healthy, I would suggest that people act as health care providers do when it comes to diseases like HIV and HepC.  We assume that every patient we see is infected with these, and wear gloves and take precautions so as not to become infected ourselves.  If everyone assumes that everyone is positive, then people may be more inclined to wash hands, social distance, and wear masks.  While many people with the virus have no symptoms, for the unlucky ones, it can be a devastating virus.  So as we celebrate the 4th, wear a red, white and blue mask!

Admittedly, this will be a strange July 4th because of all of the recent events.  Despite all of the tragedies and controversies in 2020, I still believe that we live in the greatest country on earth and am proud to be an American.  As a show of my patriotism, we will be offering a special for today only, since we're closed tomorrow. 

I also want to share a video that was forwarded to me which brightened my day...I hope it brightens yours! 

Happy fourth!

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