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Feel Likes Summer!

Greetings! Can you believe March is coming to an end? Gosh, it felt like summer this weekend! I hope everyone is well, and in celebration of Easter Week, we will be running specials all week long. For starters, I would like to announce an event we are holding on Thursday.

Please see the details below!

This is a great time of the year to consider Coolsculpt or liposuction, before we start donning our bathing suits. One of the advantages of Coolsculpt is the fact that post-op surgical garments are unnecessary! The "no-downtime" nature of Coolsculpt also makes it appealing! Please follow us on social media and check you emails for additional daily specials! The Easter Bunny is coming early!

It's been a couple of weeks since I wrote about Covid. Here's some exciting news...MUSC closed its Covid unit! And last week, there were no Covid patients in the ICU at the VA or Roper Mt. Pleasant. The same may have been true at other local hospitals, though I don't have the inside scoop on their numbers. The Covid stats, are markedly improved, both in terms of cases and deaths.

The vaccine rollout is working, both state-wide and nationally. You may have seen media reports about recent surges in Europe. These surges emphasize the importance of vaccination as Europe's vaccination attempts are far behind what we have achieved in the US. As a result, the variants are causing illnesses abroad. And on Wednesday, SC will begin vaccinating all individuals aged 16 and older! Success!

I hope you have a great week, and for all of those on Spring Break, enjoy!

Heidi Williams, MD

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