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Fall is Here!

Good Morning,

It's hard to believe it's officially fall.  What a year this has been! 

Someone told me a story a couple of weeks ago that in the movie "Back to the Future," there is a scene where Michael J. Fox's character (Marty McFly) asks Doc what year they should choose for the time machine. 

Supposedly Doc's answer was any year but 2020!  I have not had a chance to go back and watch the movie to confirm this, but if indeed this story is true, I agree completely...any year but 2020!  We've had fires, floods, a pandemic, an economic recession, riots...I need not remind you!  But enough of the bad's something positive! 

Kids have returned to school, kids are back playing sports, college and pro football has resumed, and the SC Covid numbers continue to trend downward, as does the death rate. Hospital utilization is also hanging steady. 

Roper continues to report percent positive rates for its testing of 5% for the last 7 and 14 days.  The vaccines are making progress.  So as we slowly move out of this Covid fog, please get you flu shot!  I also want to remind everyone that October, which is right around the corner, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

We cannot forget the devastating effects breast cancer has on so many American women. 

Please take a moment to make sure your mammogram is up to date, and if not, get one scheduled today!

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