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Cosmeceuticals and Skin Care

Some of you may have seen my recent blog post that referenced an inspirational story about life, Lou Gehrig, and baseball which appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week as fans gear up for the World Series. 

Once again I'm referencing another article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  This one discussed the trend in the world of cosmeceuticals to focus on skin care products for the body. 

I agree with this trend as well as the importance of tending to your body's skin care needs.  Plastic Surgery of Dermatology offices offer a myriad of treatments, such as laser, RF, and mircroneedling, but quality products are essential to compliment the results from these treatments. 

Additionally, many patients are not interested in undergoing procedures at all, and are simply looking for skin care product options.  While we all want our facial skin to glow, the appearance of one's hands, for example, can be a give away as to your actual age.


EltaMD also makes a great hand cream which we carry.  In the same way, you don't want to ignore the appearance of your neck.  The skin of our arms and legs often reveal the damage caused by years of sun damage, which highlights the needs for sunscreen.  All of us find it easy to spend money on quality sunscreen for our face, but tend to scrimp on our arms and legs. 

Fortunately, we offer some great body sunscreen options through EltaMD, as well as products for the neck and the rest of the body.  Some of our products are especially beneficial for those battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. 

In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are offering complimentary skin care consults with our aesthetician, Leah Swift, as well as 20% off of skin care products through the end of October.  We'd love to see you, and feel free to call the office with any questions!  Have a great week!

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