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Boo! - One Week till Election Day

Happy Tuesday! 

We're one week away from election day!  Are you sick of all of the ads yet?  I hope everyone gets out to vote.  I went yesterday morning, and I have to say, the process was very efficient and very Covid safe.  

As far as Covid, it does appear that we saw an increase in cases last week.  I think it's premature to say that we are entering into another peak, especially since the numbers new case numbers were back down yesterday after a high number being posted on Sunday. 

While some of this increase may be due to the amount of testing, Roper's inpatient Covid numbers also saw an increase last week, so vigilance is key.  But like all of you, I'm hoping it was more of a one week aberration and related to the fact that Charlestonians and South Carolinians are in large part returning to more normal activities and are getting out more. 

The good news is that the death curve remains on an overall downward trajectory and physicians have more knowledge treating the virus.  Covid also remains a disease which is largely affecting the elderly and or those with co-existing medical conditions; the young remain largely unaffected.  

This typically is the time when we are looking forward to the upcoming holidays.  I don't think I've ever seen so many Halloween decorations in my neighborhood.  But in order to have family gatherings to even look forward to, it is important to continue to exercise prudence. 

Please get your flu shot, stay home if you're not feeling well, wear your masks, take your vitamins, eat healthy, and hydrate (with water, lol).  Using mouthwash frequently as well as swabbing your nostrils may also have a beneficial effect to stay healthy.

Speaking of Halloween, keep a lookout for some treats later this week!

Have a great day! 

'Til next time!

Dr. Heidi Williams MD

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