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"Are you kidding me?" The Latest re: Covid 19

"Are you kidding me?"

So the Covid story has reached a new level of crazy.  The World Health Organization is now claiming that spread is NOT caused by asymptomatic carriers, but instead through those with symptoms like a cough and sneezing.  This news story hit the media outlets yesterday. 

So after months of lockdowns which were instituted because the health experts at the WHO and NIH informed us that spread DID occur through asymptomatic carriers, we are right back to the good old common sense lessons we have known for years regarding respiratory viruses: stay at home if you're sick, wash your hands frequently, and social distance. 

In fact, so far, new hot spots are not emerging in cities with large mass protests over the last week.  So  looks like common sense is not so common!  

On another note, if you like Taco's, enjoy your'e Taco Tuesday!


Dr. Heidi Williams

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