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The following is information regarding breast implant removal/exchange which is important to review, understand and discuss with family and/or friends before choosing to proceed with surgery.

GOALS OF BREAST REMOVAL/EXCHANGE: The purpose of implant removal, with or without implant exchange, is to remove the existing implants along with some or all of the surrounding fibrous (scar) capsule. There may be many reasons for implant removal including patient's desire for implant removal, physical or X-ray evidence of loss of implant integrity (rupture, leakage), or scar formation leading to pain and/or deformity. The choice to replace old implants with new breast implants is a personal patient choice. It is the current position of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons that the link between silicone gel implants and autoimmune disease is medically unproven and that implant removal may not improve symptoms in patient's with a diagnosis of autoimmune disease. However, in such patients who desire implant removal regardless of the uncertainty of improvement following implant removal, the surgery may be performed. In general, implant removal is indicated to improve the physical appearance of the breast by removing deformed capsules and malpositioned implants. Often when pain is associated with the firm breast capsules, this will be improved as well. In any given patient, these goals may be only partially met.

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