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When choosing Coolsculpting, you will be happy to know that we are 100% Certified by Allergan, and have completed the intensive Coolsculpting program to acquire our official certification!

Since 2009, many doctors  have been performing, non surgical fat removal.  The growth and change in the field has been amazing. 


Coolsculpt has been leading the way with their innovative technology.  Watch Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D. , Director of Capital Laser and Skincare talk about her experience with Coolsculpting. 

Stubborn belly fat that won't go away with diet or exercise?  Not Cool!  Going to extremes - even using strange devices, or "remedies" to reduce stubborn belly fat? Really NOT COOL!  Freezing away stubborn fat cells with no surgery and little to no downtime with the FDA cleared Coolsculpting treatment? NOW THAT'S COOL!


The Coolsculpting has been truning heads, getting RAVE reviews and even winning awards.  Watch media highlights, and hear what some of the top beauty journalists have to say!

Tournament Pro Golfer, Ian Poulter is the newest partner to spread the word about Coolsculpting!  Follow along here to watch Ian school the Coolsome - a group of four golfers who are in some serious need of swing tips and secrets of getting rid of some stubborn body fat!

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