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Patient Review

"I recently had a CO2 laser treatment done on my face to address some sun damage and signs of aging.


I was very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of Dr. Heidi Williams and Kelly Gambino MSN, APN-BC. Prior to my treatment, I had the opportunity to discuss my goals with them while they were evaluating my skin and explaining the procedure and post care to me.


The treatment lasted approximately 15 minutes. The mild discomfort that I felt from the laser was controlled by a cooling wand that I directed where needed. Initially, my face was red and warm as if I was sunburned. Over the next several days, my skin became tight and dry. It started to peel and slough off. By day 6 post treatment, my face was healed.


I am very happy with the results of my CO2 laser treatment.I feel the recovery time for this procedure was minimal. Today, the sun spots on my face are lighter, my pores are smaller, and the texture of my skin is smoother."


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